Features of the WL2000

Maximum power 2000 W
Laser wavelength 1080 nm
Fusion depth (stainless steel 1 m/min) 4.57 mm
Fusion depth (black steel 1 m / min) 3.59 mm
Fusion depth (aluminum 1 m/min) 4.0 mm
Fusion depth (brass 1 m/min) 4.0 mm
Welding speed 0-120 mm/s
Automatic wire feed Ø 0.8 – 1.6 mm
Maximum power consumption ≤6.0 kW
Cooling system water
Working voltage 400V
Protective gas consumption 20 L/min
Dimensions 600 x 1100 x 1100 mm
Weight approx. 185 kg

Selecting the right welding mode ensures optimal results. The welding mode should be
chosen depending on the type and thickness of the welded material.
*Infinitysign mode – only with us, as an additional option. Mode designed for difficult to weld materials, with preheating. It leaves a flat seam that does not require further machining, especially useful when welding very thin materials.

The set includes

  • laser welder with integrated cooling system
  • welding gun with focus setting and accessories
  • fiber laser source
  • automatic wire feeder
  • wiring kit
  • starter kit for mouthpieces and protective lenses

Laser welding machine CORMAK

from € 24.900,-

General features of the machine

A compact device using FIBER technology designed for welding many
types of metal with precision far beyond traditional welding methods.

Advanced technological solutions used in the offered welding device,
enable high-quality and repeatable welds of thin-walled materials and
perform parts without risk of distortion.

Benefits of a laser welder

  • Easy to use – thanks to the applied solutions and well-thought-out structure, the
    operator after a short training session.
  • Low indirect radiation, during work, wearing safety glasses is sufficient to strongly
    filtering light.
  • Much faster welding than traditional methods, productivity can be as much as 3 to 10 times
    be increased.
  • Concentrated beam: slight structural change due to the small area to be heated.
  • The repeatability of the welds, the weld seam is beautiful, the welds are very strong.
  • Very thin materials such as 0.5 mm stainless steel can be welded.
  • Possibility of welding with or without wire.

We usually offer our machines including transportation (DAP, unloaded), installation and training.

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