The Thalmann is faster and smoother

The latest development from THALMANN is the long folding TD200 bench; a smooth, fast and quiet double-folding machine, which takes up little space and is highly automated.

Thalmann news!

Thalmann has been pioneering the development and production of long-folding benches since 1960. The latest development is the Thalmann TD200 – a smooth, fast and quiet double bending machine, which takes up little space and offers a lot of automation for bending profile frames! This machine is based on Thalmann’s unique kinetic steering technology, with a high level of performance and synchronous power distribution along the entire length of the machine.

The exclusive dynamic folding technology (DFT) guarantees faster and smoother folding processes – without loss of precision.

THALMANN TD200 3.2 / TD150 4.0 – Faster and smoother

Why choose a TD200 3.2 or TD150 4.0?

  • Fast and quiet, little space required
  • Narrow folding blade for tight Z-bends, 10 mm with 10 mm carrier blade
  • 35-degree top bar for more free space
  • Curved lower beam for deep J channels or F/J channels
  • 14 ga capacity – fantastic zoom
  • 1250 mm back gauge, instead of 750 mm
  • 700 mm blade extender instead of 500 mm
  • Tapered bending/setting of profiles
  • Automation can be added to the machine: side loader, profile-turn-flipper, unloading system

More Thalmann solutions

TZ Long folder – Innovative and efficient

The TZ long folder offers VFD design, steering technology, newly designed clamping and offset beams, dynamic crowning system and the brand new longitudinal cutter.

  • VFD (Vertical Force Drive) design principle
  • Synchronized torsion shafts
  • Increased bending accuracy and additional free bending space
  • Higher bending speeds and greater flexibility
  • Better product quality and lower cost per bent part
  • Maximum machine stability and service life due to stiffened side frame

TD Double bender – Fast and flexible

The TD double-bender offers tool and offset beam geometry, kinetic steering axis and remote maintenance using TeamViewer software.

  • Automation solutions and individual additional functions
  • Increased productivity and increased capacity
  • Integration of digital solutions and open software interfaces of bending sequences
  • Optimized bending freedom and maximum flexibility of colored sides, so no errors in the process

TC Double bender – Big and powerful

The TC double bender, or “Big Mama,” is designed with VFD principle, offset bending beam geometry, fully automatic gripper system, DFT drive and multi-zone bending beam crowning.

  • Increased bending accuracy and additional free bending space
  • Higher throughput and greater capacity
  • Higher bending speeds and greater flexibility
  • Minimal maintenance requirements and long service life