ModelWorking lengthMaterial thicknessSpeedWeight
mm (“)Steel mm(ga)Stainless steel mm (ga)Aluminum mmStrokes/minKg
RAPIDO 131350 (53)3.50 (10)2.0 (14)5.00351400
RAPIDO 262600 (102)2.50 (13)1.6 (16)3.7351950
RAPIDO 323200 (126)2.50 (13)1.6 (16)3.7352100
RAPIDO 414100 (161)1.50 (16)0.6 (24)2.2352500


Motorized 750 mm back gauge with CutLink control system
Single or continuous stroke control
Double-cutting blades
LED cutting line lighting
Finger Protection
Straight arms on both sides, 380 mm with scale
Table of scored measurement lines
Spring loaded hold down bar
Button to start the cut through the electrical box
Foot pedal to start cutting
Pneumatic plate support including return plate (planos at the front of the shear)


  • motorized back gauge
  • mobile material trolley
  • sheet support with outlet to the rear
  • Additional rails for plate support at rear infeed
  • pneumatic hold-down bar
  • mechanical safety devices
  • square arm with T-slot
  • table extension
  • forced cooling

CIDAN RAPIDO guillotine shear

from € 55.105,-

Lease options: € 1.105,- 60 months € 798,- 96 months

The CIDAN RAPIDO metal shears are electric guillotine shears that are completely independent of oil or hydraulics, highlighting our philosophy towards the environment with very low energy and low noise levels. The drive system with eccentrics, tie rods and a hold-down system that can be positioned up to 30 mm from the blades allows for easy and fast cutting of narrow strips. The CIDAN RAPIDO metal shears are equipped with the CutLink control system, which can store different programs and automatically switch the machine from one step to the next. This already well-equipped machine also features a wide range of options, including various back gauge and sheet handling systems….

release to the rear

The shears can cut all material grades – mild steel from 0.4 mm (28 gauge) to 2.5 mm (13 gauge) without any adjustment and the blade spacing remains the same.
Fully mechanical, electric, no use of oil – not hydraulic.
Drive system with eccentrics and tie rod connected to the top beam.
Material is clamped between the table and the hold-down bar. The bar has a rubber strip to protect sensitive material from staining.
Standard angled arm and table extension (optional).
Different cutting modes – single cuts, continuous cuts.
The sheet processing system called Return to Sender delivers the cut sheet to the front for easy access.


The CIDAN RAPIDO SSM (Stacking Sensitive Material) is our cut-and-stack system that speeds up your guillotine scissors and never leaves you with scratches or donkey ears. The sheet carrier is withdrawn at lightning speed and the cut material falls gently down onto the movable material trolley (optional) where the sheets are stacked at a rate of up to 24 sheets per minute.

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