Features of the LF3015GAR

Lasers are set to individual customer needs

  1. RAYTOOLS cutting head
  2. HIWIN linear guidance
  3. YYC -gears and toothed bars
  4. YASKAWA servomotors
  5. MOTOREDUCER equipment
  6. Pneumatic components
  7. Electronic components such as contactors, relays, sensors from the best
    producers: Schneider, OMRON and IDEM
  8. CypCut software
  9. S&A Cooler
  10. TNS Voltage stabilizer
  11. Starter set: lower protective glass, collimator upper protective glass, set of single nozzles, set of double nozzles.

Laser cutting machine CORMAK

from € 179.550,-

Lease options: € 3.616,- 60 months € 2.478,- 96 months

General features of the machine

Fiber laser cutters are modern machines with many advantages. Not only are they a perfect and more profitable alternative to CO2 technology, but they have many advantages in themselves, such as improving production by a significant margin and increasing its quality. FIBER technology makes it possible to cut sheets and other materials of various thicknesses: from very thin to very thick. The length of a wave in a FIBER laser is 1,064 micrometers long. These properties affect the intensity, which is 100 times higher than in the case of CO2 machines of similar power.

We usually offer our machines including transportation (DAP, unloaded), installation and training.

We can also supply the appropriate filter/exhaust.

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