Made in cast iron, mold space adjustment with brake motor and mechanical display with decimal resolution 0.1 mm.
Guide system with 8 bronze points for perfect slide alignment at every point of stroke length.
Low-pressure adjustable cylinders to balance the shear weight and clearances of parts operating in alternate motion.

All models are equipped with hydraulic overload protection.

Composed by gear oil pump and progressive oil distribution unit.
The system is monitored with oil level alarm and oil pressure alarm.
The machine is designed with total lubricant recovery.

Automation and control of press parameters with PLC and display of alarms on the touch screen.
Displayed parameters:

  • Adjustment and visualization of press speed;
  • Programmable piece counter and cumulative piece counter;
  • Die Adjustment;
  • Manual or automatic stroke length adjustment;
  • Matrix protection;
  • Displaying alarms;
  • Overload protection.


  • Semi-automatic stroke length adjustment;
  • Die adjustment by brake motor and mechanical display with decimal resolution;
  • Variable-speed motor;
  • Overload protection;
  • Automatic adjustment at T.D.C (as of MC-100);
  • Double work table;
  • Dynamic brake.


  • Automatic stroke length adjustment;
  • Air cushion;
  • C-link, slowing slide speed near B.D.C;
  • Electronic cams;
  • Additional cams
  • Additional mold safety checks;
  • Light curtain cat. 4 res. 14 mm;
  • Matrix data storage system;
  • Automatic setting for die shift;
  • Programmable load control;
  • Thermal control of bronze bearings;
  • Anti-vibration feet;
  • Assistance via the Internet;

Mechanical C-press

from € 41.000,-

Lease options: € 863,- 60 months € 607,- 96 months

Project and verification of main elements with FEM system.
Standardized welded high-strength steel construction.

Variable speed main motor on each model.

Single or dual gear.
Quick shaft with spiral cutter made from the shaft itself.
Gear reduction in oil bath.
The eccentric shaft, made of chrome-molibdenum steel, has the following options:

  • Eccentric shaft fixed stroke length;
  • Eccentric shaft variable stroke length, semi-automatic or automatic;
  • C-link with slower sliding speed to the B.D.C;

General features of the machine

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