Plasma / oxyfuel cutting machine MIRON

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The Vanad MIRON CNC thermal cutting machine is a top-of-the-line device with simple construction, so quick and easy assembly. Despite its small size, its open access makes it suitable for processing larger metal sheets or even non-standard sizes. The machine can be equipped with three technologies: also oxyfuel, plasma and laser. MIRON Laser and MIRON with plasma or oxyfuel technology are three basic models.

General features of the machine

Option to adapt technologies – oxyfuel, plasma.
Two linear guides for single-sided longitudinal movement.
Small installation length and width compared to portal construction.
Minimizing downtime.
Easy to operate.
Standard thickness cutting material up to 100 mm thick (oxy-fuel).
Minimal kerf, possibility of common cutting line
Two linear guides on the gantry of the machine.
Powerful, stable in use, user-friendly CNC system.


The Vanad MIRON CNC machine is controlled by the proven system developed in cooperation with B&R Automation. This designation indicates a high level of industrial components from the world producer B&R automation, with reliability and proven quality. The control software allows beginners starting out with thermal cutting to achieve quality results. It also includes a number of features and settings for highly experienced professionals who appreciate its sophistication.


  • Touchscreen PowerPanel 500 with a technology keyboard
  • Motors with constant torque – high-quality cut parts
  • Set macros for easier work of operators
  • B&R operating system
  • Flexible cable beads
  • Transfer of cutting data via the USB or LAN network
  • Precise regulation of plasma torch height


  • Laser pointer for setting the initial torch position
  • IHT capacitive height control
  • CAD/CAM software for preparing cutting data

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