Plate roll bending machine UZMA

from € 2.000,-

The sheet bending machines are well suited for light and medium sheets, aluminum or stainless steel bending. Rolling of collar rings or full circles in varying radii can be easily performed on these machines.

General features of the machine

Available are both 3-roll and 4-roll rollers, both manual machines and hydraulically driven.
Our machines of type UHMS-4 are models with top and bottom roller drives

Specifications of the UHSS-4:

  • Pinch roller and lateral rollers move pyramid-shaped linear with hydraulic pistons
  • Overload protection
  • Upper and lateral rollers are driven by hydraulic motor and planetary gearbox (system with 3 rollers)
  • Three digital readouts for easy roller positioning
  • Hydraulically tiltable drop-end for easy removal of finished ferrule
  • Easy operation with mobile control panel
  • Welded steel frames
  • Induction-hardened forged SAE 1050 (CK 50) steel rollers
  • Conical bending device
  • Central lubrication system
  • Hydraulic balancing system (Ø460 and below)
  • Electronic balancing system (Ø500 and larger)
  • Dual-speed work system
  • Linear guidance system.
  • Pistons use all power to bend the material
  • Standard control panel
  • Optional NC control
  • Optional CNC control

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