Roll bending machine Marcovil

from € 41.000,-

Lease options: € 863,- 60 months € 607,- 96 months

3- or 4-roll hydraulic plate roller

General characteristics

The experience gained over more than 100 years is reflected in the latest generation of hydraulic bending machines with 3 or 4 rolls. The hydraulic bending machine with 3 rolls is more economical compared to the machine with 4 rolls, but it can also cover a large portion of demanding bending needs. Pre-bending is performed with pressure between the top and side rollers; the symmetrical arrangement of the side rollers allows pre-bending on both sides without removing the metal plate. The bending operation is performed with proper positioning of the side rollers to create the correct radius.



Capacity for thicknesses from 2 mm to 150 mm and sheet widths from 500 mm to 6,000 mm.


System of linear guides for roller movement.
Front and rear construction made of S355JR steel, machined in CNC milling machines
Three independently driven rollers
Rolls in 42CrMo4
Rolls with curved profile.
Side rollers supported by anti-wear bearings
Spherical locking system to absorb axial forces
Perfect electronic parallelism of the side rollers (with NC system)
Hydraulic overload protection
Cone bending machining
– Tilting the side and bottom rollers
– Cone support in special hardened steel.
Variable speed
Mobile control panel
Red safety cable around the machine
Built according to EC safety directives
EC certificate


Hardened Rollers (50-55Hrc)
Super Polished Coils
Interchangeable upper roller
Manual centralized lubrication system
Automatic Centralized Lubrication System
Hydraulic Upper Support
Hydraulic side support
Articulated hydraulic side support
Oil cooler

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