The MG Line Mechanical Shears with steel construction frame and reduction gear is designed for perfect cutting quality of sheet metal. These machines are ideal for light metal shearing requirements. The noiseless direct drive system with brake motor and low energy consumption ensures efficient operation at a favorable price.

MG Line Mechanical shears have standard NC controls that offer “multi-step” and “touch & go” programming functions for the back gauge.

Saving time and increasing productivity

When the cut parts return to the front of the machine, there is no need to walk to the back of the machine during work, saving time and increasing productivity.

If an operator removes parts from the rear of the machine, it is also necessary to reset the rear safety, on top of the lost time.

Shear with return to sender – UZMA MG-R mechanical shears

from € 19.400,-

General features of the machine

The “Return to Sender” MG-R Mechanical Shear allows a cut sheet to be pushed back onto the table at the front. This prevents unnecessary damage and unnecessary detours.

Below are some videos of the “Return to Sender Mechanical Shear MG-R 2003 and 3004:

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