MCS + DSP AP LASER Safety, or Fiesler AKAS LASER Safety.
UZMA press brakes have a rear light curtain as standard.

Throat depth

As standard, our press brakes are supplied with large throat depth.
But the throat depth of the machine depends on the sheet width to be bent. Optionally, machines are supplied with extended/special throat depth according to customer requirements.

Support arms

At the front, 2 pieces of sliding support arms on a linear guide and ball bearing system allow gentle movement and lateral adjustment depending on the bending length of the machine.

Additional support arms are available as an option.

Plate followers (optional)

Sheet followers keep operators safe when working with large metal sheets; otherwise they would be difficult to handle. They are not intended to be used with smaller, lighter sheets. When the press makes a bend in the metal sheet, the sheet suddenly rises. In addition to coming down of the die, this is also dangerous because the sheet can come up and make contact with the operator’s face (or other body part). A foot pedal activates the machine from a safe distance.

UZMA A-Series press brake

from € 60.240,-

Lease options: € 1.208,- 60 months € 872,- 96 months

General features of the machine

UZMA A Series press brakes (UZMA CAP-A) have a single-block steel structural frame and are reliable, durable and accurate. Designs are performed on the computer including 3D software support for drawing and strength analysis. On all UZMA products, precise machining with the CNC control is accompanied by detailed quality control and repeatable precision of high quality. Parts of the machines are globally known brand names such as Bosch-Rexroth, Hoerbiger, Givi Misure, Heidenhain, Wila, Delem, Cybelec, ESA, Siemens, Schneider, Mitsubishi, etc.

UZMA offers high quality and affordable prices, customer satisfaction and excellent after-sales service.

A Series

  • Y1-Y2-X-R-Z1-Z2 Axes & C-As (crowning).
  • Delem DA-66T 2D Graphic CNC touchscreen controller with 3D visualization and Profile Lite T2D offline software
  • Fiesler AKAS Laser safety system
  • Hanging control panel
  • 4-axis back gauge with servo motor
  • Heidenhain Linear scaling
  • European (Promecam) Quick Release top tool clamping system
  • CNC Table Crowning System with wedges
  • Light curtain at the rear
  • Switched side panels for safety
  • Linear sliding front support arms
  • High stroke, high daylight and high speed

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