UZMA Hybrid Series press brakes

from € 43.750,-

Lease options: € 921,- 60 months € 648,- 96 months

General features of the machine

  • Y1-Y2-X-R-Z1-Z2 As & C-As (crowning)
  • Delem DA-66T 2D Graphic CNC touchscreen
    Control with 3D visualization and Profile Lite T2D offline software
  • Laser system for safety
  • Pendant control panel
  • 4 Axis back gauge with servo motor
  • Pistons driven by AC servo motor (Y1-Y2 axis)
  • European (Promecam) quick clamping system for top tools
  • CNC table crowning system with wedges
  • Switched side protection panels for safety
  • Linear sliding front support arms
  • Hybrid hydraulic system
  • High stroke, high daylight and high speed

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