UZMA Profile bending machine

from € 3.560,-

UZMA’s UPB profile sheet bending is available in 3-roll rolls and 4-roll rolls machine, and in different versions.
E.g. the UPB-4, UPB-35, UPB-50, UPB-100, UPB-160

Features of the UPB-4 line

UPB-4 series – Profile bending machines with 4 rolls

  • Shorter flat sections at the edges
  • More accurate results for tubes and aluminum profiles
  • Large spacing of side rollers and thus more capacity when bending with larger diameter
  • Standard accessories:
  • 4 Rolling machine.
  • Steel welded structural frame.
  • 3 rollers are hydraulically driven by a planetary gearbox (UPB-4 90-110)
  • 2 rollers are hydraulically driven by a planetary gearbox (UPB-4 70)
  • Hardened and ground shafts made of special high tensile steel.
  • Rolls are hardened and ground into the hole.
  • Lower and side rollers hydraulically movable up-down.
  • Horizontal and vertical working position.
  • 3+3-axis hydraulic lateral angle guide rollers (UPB-4 90-110)
  • 2+2-axis mechanical lateral angle guide rollers (UPB-4 70)
  • Mobile control panel.

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