• CE Standardization
  • Y1-Y2-X-R Axes & C-Axe (crowning)
  • Delem DA-58T 2D graphical touchscreen CNC controller
    OR Cybelec Modeva PAC 2D graphic controller incl. PC-Modeva 2D Offline Software
    OR ESA S640 CNC controller
  • X-R Axes back gauge: Mitsubishi Servo motorized & Linear guide & Ball screw with 2 pieces of back gauge fingers
  • Heidenhain Linear Measurement
  • European (Promecam) Quick Release Top Clamping system
  • Top tool: Rolleri PS.135.85.R08- ground & hardened
  • Top tool: Rolleri TOP.175.60.R5- ground & hardened (at 400 tons)
  • Bottom tool Rolleri M460R with 4V channel & U-die holder (up to 175 tons)
  • Bottom tool: UZMA 4V channel die with hardened steel bars (220 tons & more)
  • Fiesler AKAS Laser safety (MANUAL) & safety PLC Pendant control panel
  • CNC Table deflection/crowning with wedges – motorized
  • Leuze Light barrier on the rear
  • Switched side protection panels for safety
  • 2 Linear sliding support arms
  • Stroke: 275mm (up to 260 tons)
  • Throat depth: 410 mm
  • Back gauge X movement range: X=800 mm / R=250 mm
  • Hoerbiger Hydraulic System
  • Siemens Electric System
  • High stroke, high daylight and high speed

UZMA S-Series press brake

from € 51.100,-

Lease options: € 1.025,- 60 months € 740,- 96 months

General features of the machine

UZMA press brakes have a single-block steel structural frame and are reliable, durable and accurate. Designs are performed on the computer with 3D software support for drawing and strength analysis.

On all UZMA products, precise machining with the CNC control is accompanied by detailed quality control and repeatable precision of high quality.

Parts of the machines are globally known brand names such as Bosch-Rexroth, Hoerbiger, Givi Misure, Heidenhain, Wila, Delem, Cybelec, ESA, Siemens, Schneider, Mitsubishi, etc.

UZMA offers high quality and affordable prices, customer satisfaction and excellent after-sales service.

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