Coiltech hydraulic decoiler

from € 20.000,-

Double mandrel decoilers

General features of the machine

Decoilers can come in a variety of types. Mechanical, hydraulic, single mandrel or double mandrel. With stretcher, straightener and feeder. Complete unwinding lines can be assembled.

In hydraulic decoilers, drum expansion is performed semi-automatically by a hydraulic system. They can come in different widths, inside and outside diameters of the coil, depending on user needs.
Depending on the required coils, pneumatic and hydraulic holding and lowering arms can be added. An optional coil loading trolley can be supplied. In addition to manually adjusted side guides, the servomotor side guide option can also be used.


  • Semi-automatic drum extension
  • Motor-driven and braked drum rotation options
  • Manual or servo motorized side guides
  • Pneumatic or hydraulic hold-down arms
  • Loop control by laser sensor
  • Coil width capacity between 400 mm ~ 2000 mm
  • Load capacity of the coil between 3 tons ~ 25 tons


  • Coilaadwagen
  • pneumatic and hydraulic hold down arms
  • servomotor side guide

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