Characteristics of the machines

UZMA HVS shears (or cutting benches) with cutting angle adjustment have as their base a very solid steel structure for minimal deflection during cutting. The cutting angle is set hydraulically. A smaller cutting angle has the advantage of less twist when cutting narrow strips and improving cut quality, as well as increasing cutting speed per minute. The cutting bar of the HVS shears has hardened flat guides, which are guided in roller bearings, eliminating lubrication, and cutting clearance can be easily accomplished with a mechanical or hydraulic system. The UZMA HVS shears are equipped with CNC control. The operator simply programs the material, thickness, cutting length and cutting width, and the CNC automatically calculates blade clearance, cutting angle and back gauge.

Hydraulic shears – UZMA

from € 29.940,-

Lease options: € 631,- 60 months € 443,- 96 months

Both guillotine and oscillating shears

Multiple types are available, such as:

– HSB-3010
– HSB 3013
– HSB-E 3008
– HVS 3010
– HVS 3040
– HVS 8030

and more …

Standard features

– CE marking
– CNC control – Cybelec CybTouch 8
– Automatic adjustment of cutting length (stroke) controlled by CNC
– Automatic back gauge with ball screw with a stroke of 1000 mm, controlled by CNC
– Automatic adjustment of cutting angle controlled by CNC
– Automatic blade spacing adjustment controlled by CNC
– Automatic calculations of cutting functions based on material specifications
– Automatic folding back stop
– Foldable, openable 1m finger guard with switch protection
– Automatic central lubrication
– Rear protection panels
– Light curtain behind
– Sliding plates behind
– Shadow line lighting
– Square arm with ruler, T-slot and tilt stop
– Support arms
– Variable cutting angle
– European hydraulic system (Bosch – Rexroth or Hoerbierger etc.)
– European electrical system (Siemens or Schneider etc.)

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