Plasma / oxyfuel cutting machine ARENA

from € 29.500,-

Lease options: € 621,- 60 months € 437,- 96 months

Vanad ARENA for reliability and cost savings.
The modern CNC plasma cutter Vanad ARENA is mainly designed for medium-sized enterprises and combines reliability with high accuracy. The Vanad ARENA is used for thermal cutting of standard metal sheets up to 150 mm. During use, there is minimal waste and the whole production is very efficient.

The Vanad ARENA plasma machine uses the B&R control system, which ensures comfortable operation and high machine efficiency. The machine can be equipped with plasma or autogenous technology.

General features of the machine

High positional accuracy guaranteed even during prolonged use.
Modern controls offering high user comfort.
Possible use of plasma and oxygen fuel technologies for cutting materials.
Space for a secondary cutting unit.
We guarantee high quality. For the cutting machine Vanad ARENA, we offer you professional service. If you are not sure which CNC machine is best for your business, feel free to contact us.


  • Bilateral longitudinal drive
  • Reliable B&R operating system
  • Flexible cable beads
  • Easy transfer of cutting plans via USB or LAN network
  • Precise control of the ignition and working height of the torch


  • Laser pointer for setting the initial torch position
  • CAD/CAM software for preparing cutting data
  • Electrical ignition of the oxygen burner
  • IHT capacitive height control of oxygen burner

The Vanad ARENA comes in sizes 15/30 through 20/60. Exact dimensions can be customized to specific customer requirements.

This is a modern, powerful and cost-effective cutting station. We supply you with a reliable cutting machine, including consumables, a compressor and an extraction and filter system.

The Vanad ARENA is suitable for medium-sized operations. For demanding customers and for heavy work, we recommend the Vanad PROXIMA machine, which works on large metal plates to which several oxyfuel and plasma torches are attached.

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