Folding machine CIDAN

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CIDAN’s folding machines are available in a variety of designs;


Folding machineCIDAN PRO-Z

The CIDAN PRO Z is a real powerhouse for semi-automatic operation and small-length batches with high demands for flexibility and speed.
The machine is specially designed for working with demanding and
complex details where the powerful motors easily bend the material up and down without turning the material over.

General features of the machine

Segmented tools in both the clap beam and clamping beam allow a single operator to efficiently handle complex details. Tool changes are done quickly and safely thanks to automatic locking, built-in tool storage and the new tool layout in the ProLink W control system.

With the newly developed folding beam construction along with automatic crowning and adjustment of both bending center and sheet thickness, you can achieve unmatched bending quality in any thickness.

The PRO Z is equipped with our patented eccentric OED, which regardless of tool height, with maximum opening, always delivers the same high power and capacity. It also has very low noise production and low energy consumption.


Key benefits:

  • Power and speed united.
  • Built for demanding bending of complex details.
  • Excellent for batches with small lengths
  • Front stop allows bending of non-parallel details.
  • Choice of tool sets.
  • Excellent precision and high repeatability.
  • High precision and productivity with vacuum handle.

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