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THALMANN TC double folder “big mama”

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This TC is often affectionately and respectfully referred to as“Big Mama” – probably because of its solid construction.

For the precise high-performance folding of thick sheet metal profiles, the TC double folder was developed.

Based on the unique kinetic controlled synchronized shaft technology from Thalmann, which enables synchronous force distribution and unrestricted work performance over the entire length of the machine, the cost-efficient powerhouse folds even 3 mm thick steel sheet dynamically, quickly and accurately in both directions.

This machine has exclusive vertical force drive (VFD) to ensure extremely high clamping force deployment. The high production speed with constant folding precision is based on dynamic folding technology (DFT).

The maximum insertion depth is 1250 mm and the standard length of the machines can vary from 3.20 meters to 12.00 meters. Different machine lengths can be custom produced upon request. The TC double folding machines can be fitted and costume designed with different accessories e.g. such as roll forming or cutting units.


Even inexperienced operators can get to grips with Thalmann’s intuitive machine control system in no time.

The tiltable and movable control panel allows for ergonomic operation. Thanks to the multifunctional touchscreen interface, all profile data can be quickly captured, visually displayed in 3D and stored in the profile data management module.

The data can be entered directly through the controller or through an external computer workstation or a mobile device (e.g., tablet). Data can be transferred via USB, LAN, Wi-Fi, barcode or QR code scanner.

For variable integration into existing production lines and ERP systems, all Thalmann machines are equipped with open interfaces for all common software connections (e.g. NuIT, Bendex and Sema) and CAD data formats. A secure VPN connection enables professional remote maintenance via M-Guard in real time. An advanced machine management system is enabled through these open interfaces.


MAX. BENDING CAPACITY*3.00 mm (at 400 N/mm²)
WORKSHOP3.60 | 4.50 | 5.00 | 6.40 | 8.20 | 10.00 | 12.00 m
BENDING FLANGE WIDTH10 mm + additional rail 10 mm/20 mm
400 N/mm² / 58 ksi

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