UZMA synchro CNC press brakes have accurate positioning and repeatability performance achieved by synchronizing the hydraulic cylinders, advanced CNC control of proportional valves and the use of optical linear scaling.
On CAP series press brakes, full electronic synchronization with proportional valve technology guarantees maximum bending accuracy and repeatability through constant monitoring and correction of beam parallelization by a CNC system.

UZMA CAP synchro CNC press brakes consist of five series: B series (Basic), E series (Economical), S series (Standard), A series (Advanced) and Hybrid series.
CAP Line press brakes are available from simple basic series to highly equipped advanced series that can be configured up to eleven axes. UZMA synchro CNC press brakes calculate and execute after entering data such as material, thickness, bend length, etc. into the CNC controller.
Calibration of cylinder shafts and back gauge, are achieved by automatic indexing.

UZMA B-Series press brake

from € 38.240,-

Lease options: € 805,- 60 months € 566,- 96 months

General features of the machine

UZMA basic B-series press brakes (UZMA CAP-B) have a single-block steel structural frame and are reliable, durable and precise. Designs are performed on the computer including 3D software support for drawing and strength analysis. On all UZMA products, precise machining with the CNC control is accompanied by detailed quality control and repeatable precision of high quality. Parts of the machines are globally known brand names such as Bosch-Rexroth, Hoerbiger, Givi Misure, Heidenhain, Wila, Delem, Cybelec, ESA, Siemens, Schneider, Mitsubishi, etc.

UZMA offers high quality and affordable prices, customer satisfaction and excellent after-sales service.

B series

  • Y1-Y2-X Axis
  • Cybelec DNC 600 2D-Graphic CNC control & 2D offline PC software
  • Hanging control panel
  • X-As back gauge with servo motor
  • Heidenhain Linear Measurement
  • European (Promecam) Quick Release top tool clamping system
  • Light barrier at the rear
  • Switched side panels for safety
  • Front support arms

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