Slitting machine nuSLIT STRAIGHT PRO 1250

from € 138.000,-

Lease options: € 2.779,- 60 months € 1.938,- 96 months

Slitting machines are designed for slitting metals from coils (spools) into sheets or strips, which can be stacked or wound automatically. The splitting process is highly efficient, individual operations are performed simultaneously in automatic mode with minimal manual adjustment.
A choice can be made, to build the line according to customer requirements. CTL (cut-to-length) and cut-off lines can be combined.

The Forstner nuSLIT series makes all your dreams come true for a modern sheet metal shop and takes your production to a new level, think flexibility and productivity. With the nuSLIT, every function can be controlled from the touch panel: roll width, finished lengths, directional pressure to avoid stop marks, width settings and slitting knife operation.
The nuSLIT can be integrated into a programmed production flow. The operating system is fully compatible with nuIT, allowing you to plan and program your entire production without manual intervention from your desk. Combine with the desired number of decoilers and a manual or powered spool selector.
There is no better slit and crosscut machine on the market!

Key benefits

  • Alternating blade arrangement
  • Unparalleled cutting precision
  • Innovative clamping system
  • The operating system can be integrated with nuIT
  • Fastest blade change on the market

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