Cut-to-length / slitting machine Forstner COMPACT PRO (combination)

from € 57.000,-

Lease options: € 1.143,- 60 months € 825,- 96 months

Afkortmachines snijden metalen coils op lengte. Slitmachines zijn bedoeld voor het slitten van metalen van coils (spoelen) in platen of strips, die automatisch kunnen worden gestapeld of gewikkeld. Het proces is zeer efficiënt, afzonderlijke operaties worden tegelijkertijd in de automatische modus uitgevoerd met minimale handmatige aanpassing.
De CTL (cut-to-length) oftewel afkortlijnen kunnen worden gecombineerd met slitten. De machines kunnen worden gebouwd naar klantwens.

The Forstner COMPACT is the perfect combination. It can be used in smaller workshops as well as in larger companies with serial production. The size of the components is critical to the benefits you want to take advantage of.

At the heart of the machine is a robust and reliable six-roller aiming unit and a strong cutting unit that can be equipped with the desired number of blades. The machine is well equipped as standard with many features that create a perfect working environment that meets the highest standards of efficiency and ergonomics.

Key benefits

  • Very robust construction.
  • 6 directional rollers with easy adjustment.
  • Advanced and quickly adjustable slitter.
  • Logical and user-friendly user interface.

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