Dealership CIDAN machines

The Swedish CIDAN Machinery Group has in recent years developed into a one-stop partner for all companies operating in industries such as the cladding and roofing sheet industry and air treatment. For this purpose, the machine manufacturers Forstner and Thalmann acquired and – equally important – the software developer nuIT . Pasterkamp Metal Sheet Solutions has obtained official dealership for the entire group.

And we are very happy about that. The complete package from CIDAN is a great addition to the delivery program for our company, a specialist in roll forming and sheet metal working machines. “We can completely serve both large and small companies with this. From a small bending machine to a large industrial plant with all the software needed to make the development towards a Smart Factory.”

Presentation at Blechexpo

In early November, the CIDAN group presented itself extensively at the Blechexpo in Stuttgart. Teun Pasterkamp was here to introduce the machines and software to Dutch customers. A part of that program he already knew. Pasterkamp already represented the machines from the Swiss manufacturer Thalmann. And Pasterkamp has also represented the machines of the Austrian company Forstner in a gray past under the umbrella of another company. Now the whole package is offered.

Extensive machine program

First of all, CIDAN manufactures an extensive range of swing bending machines; from the simplest hand-operated one to highly productive CNC machines of all shapes and sizes. CIDAN also carries lines of table shears and profiling machines and the compact Stackmaster system for material storage. Thalmann, of course, is best known for its long-setting benches, including the double-benders that bend up to 3 mm thick material in both directions without problems. Forstner manufactures everything for decoiling lines and cut and slit lines.

Software Solutions

CIDAN Group’s vision is to use this complete package to serve the market with intelligent, easy-to-operate sheet metal working machines that save material and time and are durable. Into this fits the acquisition of Austrian software company nuIT. This develops software solutions, often in cooperation with sheet metal working companies, for control systems and HMIs, which enable convenient operation, digitize machine fleets and define processes easily from order intake through work preparation to production and invoicing.

In the process, nuIT creates interesting additional modules, for example for the integration of an online shop for the sale of sheet metal parts and related products. These are all solutions that enable an efficient, fully integrated Smart Factory.

Innovation Thalmann double-benders

All parts of the CIDAN group reinforce each other. Between Sweden, Switzerland and Austria there is a lot of knowledge exchange, which leads to great innovations. At Blechexpo, for example, CIDAN presented four smart innovations for the Thalmann TD series of double-bending longitudinal benches.

These are now being equipped with advanced features that greatly improve efficiency, precision and safety. The most important of these is the Multi Head Side Loader TD , which can load up to four strips simultaneously in one quick motion when operating in 4-section mode. This means shorter load times and higher productivity. This feature makes the machine over 40% faster.

Each row of the Multi Head Sideloader TD is equipped with a vacuum injector and an ultrasonic sensor for accurate stock height measurement. Software allows the user to choose whether to load one or more plates, so that they can move to optimal positioning.

CIDAN presented four smart innovations for the Thalmann TD series of double-bending longitudinal benches at Blechexpo. They are advanced features that greatly improve efficiency, precision and safety.

In addition to the Multi Head Side loader TD, CIDAN presented three more smart and fast features for the Thalmann double benders. The Fast Loader feature eliminates the need for manual intervention. This smart solution automates the positioning of the back gauge, eliminates the need for Gripper Offset and allows seamless loading of small 75 mm strips in automatic mode.

The new Vacuum Gripper simplifies complex scenarios. It provides accurate positioning in automatic mode, especially for flanges over 38 mm in height. This solution not only speeds up processes, but also improves operator safety by eliminating manual operations. Also, the Thalmann TD double bender now has the best safety features in its class, including three scanners that cover the entire floor area (front, left and right sides). These scanners are activated within 1250 mm of the bending line, ensuring operator safety.

An additional top-mounted scanner stops the machine if someone enters the safety zone from the front. These are great improvements, we think. Machining large profiles, which would otherwise require two or three men, can be done by one person thanks to this automation. With this new solution, you pick up three plates at once in no time.

Total unburdening

The CIDAN Group aims to be a one-stop shop and totally unburden customers. That is why the group has a large service team of its own and collaborates with dealers who can provide first-hand maintenance. Pasterkamp can.

Furthermore, according to Hans-Ole Holm, responsible for sales at CIDAN, the group and the dealers have the joint task of bringing their target group – popularly often referred to as tinsmiths – along with all the modern developments in digitalization and automation.

Many companies still use software only sparsely, even though it can bring a lot of productivity gains. On construction sites, often another sketch is made, a picture of that is taken and then it is faxed to a supplier. But it can be done much faster, more efficiently and, above all, error-free. CIDAN presented at Blechexpo a software program that allows very simple drawing of profiles. Whether on the controls of a swivel bending machine, for example, or on a PC at work preparation or a cell phone on the construction site.

The program warns if a size is forgotten and includes a library of examples in which sizes can be adjusted very easily. This makes the whole process from creating a profile to producing it much easier. It is our belief that the market will really embrace this type of solution. Our customers are increasingly asking for links to their ERP system and coil inventory, for example.

Thanks to our partnership with CIDAN, we can offer a lot in that area as well.

Source: Plate Processing News